MapTechnica's ZIP Code Boundary Reference Map of
Los Angeles, California

This is a reference map showing the boundaries of 5-digit USPS ZIP Codes in and around Los Angeles, California.

MapTechnica's ZIP Code Boundary reference maps show 5-digit USPS ZIP Code boundaries for many major cities and regions in the U.S. Our reference maps are high-quality, high-detail maps showing boundaries of 5-digit USPS ZIP Codes and enough detail to orient you on the map. In the case of the very high resolution versions (3’×2’ poster, 6’×4’ wall map, and the site-ready interactive version), street level details are included.

These maps are useful as a quick reference for finding ZIP codes in major cities. If your company does any ZIP-code-based business, MapTechnica’s maps are essential to your operations.

Each 5-Digit ZIP Code Boundary reference map is available in the following resolutions:

  • Giant Wall Map (6’×4’ @ 200ppi) - Includes street-level detail; ideal for reference use where a lot of detail is needed
  • Large Poster (3’×2’ @ 200ppi) - Includes major street road level detail; ideal for reference where space is a concern but detail is still required
  • Medium Poster (17"×11" @ 200ppi) - Includes major roads, highways and interstates; suitable for quick reference where orientation is needed
  • Hand-Out or Flyer (11"×8.5" @ 200ppi) - Includes major highways and interstates; suitable for handouts, printed collateral or quick desktop reference
  • Presentation (1,200px × 800px) - Optimized for on-screen presentations
  • Web Site-Ready Interactive Map (14,400px × 9,600px) - Ready for integration into your web site, this interactive map lets you zoom all the way into street level detail without the hassle of implementing a custom tile server

Each map comes in traditional and mosaic color palettes, and most include subtle terrain data that make the map a work of art as well as a handy reference tool.

Note that some ZIP Codes may not be labeled due to space constraints. Select the map location and type you are interested in and click the Preview button below to see exactly what is included in each map.

USPS 5-Digit ZIP Code reference maps (digital download, ready-to-print):

City Resolution Background Type Price Full-Res

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NOTE: Maps are available as ready-to-print digital downloads that you will take to your local printer of choice (e.g. Kinkos, Staples, etc.). If you would like us to print your map for you, please contact us for a quote.

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