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Boundary Maps

View boundaries of ZIP codes, counties, cities, Canadian FSAs and provinces, congressional and school districts, and more.


Create your own custom maps with a powerful yet easy to use tool. Maps are free to view online and affordable to purchase for offline printing.

Developer API & Tools

Use our powerful API to add boundaries to your own mapping application. Affordable use-based subscriptions are available.

MapTechnica Catalog

Browse through hundreds of ready-to-print maps in our extensive reference map catalog. We have created maps for our most-requested cities in a variety of formats.

Custom Mapping Services

Simply fill out our quote request form and we can create just about any custom map for you.

Pro Features

Upgrade to our Pro Plan and go ad-free. Pro subscribers get access to powerful geolocation and map enhancement features, as well as discounts on AutoMaT downloads.

Create Your Own Maps

Los Angeles ZIP3 Prefixes

Use AutoMaT to create custom maps showing boundaries of ZIP3 prefixes

Overlay Multiple Geotype Boundary Types

With AutoMaT, it is easy to mix boundary types to visualize overlaps

Map Custom Territories

Use AutoMaT to visualize territories made up of ZIP codes, ZIP3s, or counties

MapTechnica AutoMaT

Easily create custom maps with AutoMaT. Draw ZIP code, county, city boundaries in addition to many other boundary types. You can even mix and match boundary types to visualize sales territories and service areas.

MapTechnica Boundary Data Coverage

ZIP Codes


ZIP3 Prefixes


U.S. Cities and Places




Congressional Districts


School Districts


Canadian FSAs


States and Provinces


Coverage Maps

U.S. Coverage Map

MapTechnica provides boundary data for the 50 United States and its protectorates

Canadian Coverage Map

MapTechnica provides boundary data for the Canadian FSAs and Provinces

Find Boundary Maps for the United States and Canada

Search for ZIP codes, counties, cities, congressional districts, school districts, Canadian FSAs, states and provinces. Subscribers can even overlay different search types to see where boundaries intersect.

Our Most Popular Ready-to-Print Maps

Houston ZIP Codes and Counties

Our most popular map: Houston ZIP codes and counties

Overlay Multiple Geotype Boundary Types

With AutoMaT, it is easy to mix boundary types to visualize overlaps

Ready to Print Maps

All of the maps in our catalog are ready for immediate download and printing

Choose from Hundreds of Ready-to-Print Maps in the MapTechnica Catalog

Our catalog features hundreds of maps in a variety of series for our most requested cities.

MapTechnica API and Developer Tools

MapTechnica API Call

Use the MapTechnica API

Draw Boundaries

Use the MapTechnica API

MapTechnica Tilesets

Use MapTechnica tilesets

Create Composite Imagery

Use MapTechnica developer products

MapTechnica's Developer Tools

Use the MapTechnica API or any of our developer data products to draw boundaries in your mapping application