• Denver ZIP Code Boundaries
    Build your own map. It’s that simple.
    MapTechnica AutoMaT
    Create ZIP code, municipal, and district boundary maps with ease
  • Los Angeles ZIP3 Prefixes
    Free to use, easy to learn
    Create Boundary Maps
    Including ZIP Codes, ZIP code prefixes, counties, cities, and more
  • DFW City Boundaries
    It is easy to
    Create Printable Maps
    Any AutoMaT map can be downloaded and printed in a variety of sizes

MapTechnica AutoMaT

Build your own custom map. It's that simple.

If you would love to buy one of our ready-to-print maps, but cannot find the exact you need, you now have access to our powerful tools through an intuitive and flexible tool we call the MapTechnica AutoMaT. In fact, every image in the carousel above was created by actual customers using AutoMaT.

MapTechnica AutoMaT is free to use and easy to learn, and there's no obligation to buy your map. Click a button below to get started.

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AutoMaT Features

Create Boundary Maps

Create your own custom maps with a powerful yet easy to use tool. Maps are free to view online and affordable to purchase for offline printing.

ZIP Code, County, City Boundaries and More

View boundaries of ZIP codes, ZIP code prefixes, counties, cities, Canadian FSAs and provinces, congressional and school districts, and more.

Visualize Territories

Group ZIP codes or counties together to visualize a territory. This is ideal for mapping out a sales territory, for instance.

Free to Use, Pay Only to Download

AutoMaT is free to use online. You pay only if you chose to download your map for print. We even provide printing and shipping services to U.S. customers if you would rather not have your map printed locally.

Combine Boundary Types

You can combine boundary types to see, for instance, all the ZIP codes in a county, or all the counties in a particular state. Scroll down to see examples of complex boundary combinations.

Create Printable Maps

Our printable maps can be rendered in resolutions targeted for uses ranging from PowerPoint presentations to giant 6’×4’ wall maps.

Powerful Pro Features

Coming soon: our pro tools will allow you to create and manage territories with ease, visualize multiple territories at once, import geojson data to augment your map, and more. Scroll down to sign up for your newsletter to be informed when these features are available.

Canadian Boundaries

Coming soon: In the near future, you will be able to add Canadian FSAs and Provincial boundaries to your map.

See Every Pixel That Gets Printed

With our powerful proofing tools, you are able to inspect every pixel just as it will be printed before purchasing and downloading your printable map.


AutoMaT maps are incredibly affordable. AutoMaT is free to use. Create and edit your map as many times as you wish. You pay only after you are completely satisfied with your work and want to download your map.

Size Dimensions Pixel Size Price to
Price to
Presentation (screen) 1024px × 768px Free $10
Letter 11" × 8.5" 3300px × 2550px @300ppi Free $10
Tabloid 17" × 11" 5100px × 3300px @300ppi Free $15
Poster (2’ square) 2’ × 2’ 7200px × 7200px @300ppi Free $20
Poster (3’ × 2’) 3’ × 2’ 10800px × 7200px @300ppi Free $25
Poster (3’ square) 3’ × 3’ 10800px × 10800px @300ppi Free $25
Poster (4’ × 3’) 4’ × 3’ 14400px × 10800px @300ppi Free $30
Poster (4’ square) 4’ × 4’ 14400px × 14400px @300ppi Free $30
Giant Wall Map 6’ × 4’ 21600px × 14400px @300ppi Free $35


Do you have volume discounts or subscription plans for AutoMaT?

No. The prices quoted above are for each map you create. You are free to edit the map as many times as you wish, and you can create as many maps as you want. You pay for the maps you want to keep.

Your tool doesn't do what I need it to do. What are my options?

We honestly tried, but we couldn't make a tool that does everything. If you can't create the map you need in AutoMaT, chances are, we might be able to create it for you as a custom project. Request a quote from our Custom Map Services page.

Is AutoMaT user-friendly?

We hope so. We have put a tremendous amount of effort into creating a powerful tool that doesn't overwhelm you with options. For advanced users, there's an Advanced Mode that reveals more controls, but for most users, the default mode will offer enough customizability to create the exact map you need.

Can I show other people my map before I buy?

Yes. You will be able to share a link with other people at the proof review stage. They'll be able to see the map without having to log in. For instance, if you're needing sign-off from a client before buying, you have the tools to do this easily.