MapTechnica API and Developer Tools

Easy and Affordable GeoJSON Boundary Data, Search Tools, and Metadata for Your Mapping Application

Show boundary data and access powerful search tools for your mapping application without the hassle of setting up your own GIS database infrastructure with the MapTechnica API.

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MapTechnica API Features

Draw Boundaries On Your Google, Bing, and OSM Map

Easily draw ZIP code, county, city, and many other types of boundaries on a Google map on your site. In fact, the GeoJSON format is platform-agnostic, so you can use the MapTechnica API with Bing, MapQuest, Open Street Maps, and more.

ZIP Code, County, City Boundaries and More

View boundaries of ZIP codes, ZIP code prefixes, counties, cities, Canadian FSAs and provinces, congressional and school districts, and more.

Visualize Territories

Group ZIP codes or counties together to visualize a territory. This is ideal for mapping out a sales territory, for instance.

Solid Documentation and Community Support

The MapTechnica API is thoroughly documented and even supports interactive testing.

Powerful Search Tools

Cross-search by geotype, retrieve metadata, and more using a simple, documented, powerful search engine.

Support for Applications Small to Large

Whether you are a site owner with a few hits a day, or an enterprise customer needing infrastructure support, there is a MapTechnica Developer Tools plan that fits your needs and budget.