Boundary Map of Aripeka, Florida

GeoFacts for Aripeka, FL

Aripeka, FL is a cdp located in the central part of Florida.

U.S. City: Aripeka, FL
State: Aripeka, FL is in the central part of Florida in the south atlantic United States
Is In Aripeka, FL These Counties: Hernando County, Pasco County
ZIP Codes for Aripeka, FL: 34679, 34667, 34607
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix for Aripeka, FL: 346
Congressional Districts Representing Aripeka, FL: FL 12th, FL 11th
Latitude/Longitude of Aripeka, FL (Centroid): 28.430814971372, -82.6667816358591
Bounding Box of Aripeka, FL (NWSE): 28.437351, -82.680683, 28.42456, -82.654031
Dimensions of Aripeka, FL: Aripeka, FL is 1.6 miles wide and 0.9 miles tall
Aripeka, FL Land Coverage: 0.8 sq. miles (81%)
Aripeka, FL Water Coverage: 0.2 sq. miles (19%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Aripeka, FL: 1.0 sq. miles
Population of Aripeka, FL (2010 Census): 308
Density of Aripeka, FL (2010 Census): 308.00 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Aripeka, FL (2010 Census): 234
People per House in Aripeka, FL: 1.3
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 1201875