Boundary Map of Jericho, Vermont

GeoFacts for Jericho, VT

Jericho, VT, is a village located in the northwestern part of Vermont.

U.S. City: Jericho, VT
State: Jericho, VT is in the northwestern part of Vermont in the new england United States
Closest County to Jericho, VT: Chittenden County
ZIP Codes for Jericho, VT: 05465
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix for Jericho, VT: 054
Congressional Districts Representing Jericho, VT: VT at-large
Latitude/Longitude of Jericho, VT (Centroid): 44.5048643858379, -72.9878496841104
Bounding Box of Jericho, VT (NWSE): 44.514574, -73.009677, 44.495681, -72.969735
Dimensions of Jericho, VT: Jericho, VT is 2.0 miles wide and 1.3 miles tall
Jericho, VT Land Coverage: 1.4 sq. miles (99%)
Jericho, VT Water Coverage: 0.0 sq. miles (1%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Jericho, VT: 1.4 sq. miles
Population of Jericho, VT (2010 Census): 1,329
Density of Jericho, VT (2010 Census): 949.29 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Jericho, VT (2010 Census): 532
People per House in Jericho, VT: 2.5
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 5036625