Boundary Map of Mayfield, New York

GeoFacts for Mayfield, NY

Mayfield, NY, is a village located in the eastern part of New York.

U.S. City: Mayfield, NY
State: Mayfield, NY is in the eastern part of New York in the mid-atlantic United States
Closest County to Mayfield, NY: Fulton County
ZIP Codes for Mayfield, NY: 12117, 12078
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes for Mayfield, NY: 121, 120
Congressional Districts Representing Mayfield, NY: NY 21st
Latitude/Longitude of Mayfield, NY (Centroid): 43.1028323110594, -74.2660831756988
Bounding Box of Mayfield, NY (NWSE): 43.114914, -74.275298, 43.089948, -74.251988
Dimensions of Mayfield, NY: Mayfield, NY is 1.2 miles wide and 1.7 miles tall
Mayfield, NY Land Coverage: 1.0 sq. miles (85%)
Mayfield, NY Water Coverage: 0.2 sq. miles (15%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Mayfield, NY: 1.2 sq. miles
Population of Mayfield, NY (2010 Census): 832
Density of Mayfield, NY (2010 Census): 693.33 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Mayfield, NY (2010 Census): 364
People per House in Mayfield, NY: 2.3
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 3646206