Boundary Map of Mogul, Nevada

GeoFacts for Mogul, NV

Mogul, NV, is a cdp located in the western part of Nevada.

U.S. City: Mogul, NV
State: Mogul, NV is in the western part of Nevada in the mountain United States
Closest County to Mogul, NV: Washoe County
Neighboring Cities to Mogul, NV: Reno, Verdi
ZIP Codes for Mogul, NV: 89523
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix for Mogul, NV: 895
Congressional Districts Representing Mogul, NV: NV 2nd
Latitude/Longitude of Mogul, NV (Centroid): 39.5163494405057, -119.922992970766
Bounding Box of Mogul, NV (NWSE): 39.524974, -119.940895, 39.506883, -119.895027
Dimensions of Mogul, NV: Mogul, NV is 2.4 miles wide and 1.3 miles tall
Mogul, NV Land Coverage: 1.5 sq. miles (100%)
Mogul, NV Water Coverage: 0.0 sq. miles (0%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Mogul, NV: 1.5 sq. miles
Population of Mogul, NV (2010 Census): 1,290
Density of Mogul, NV (2010 Census): 860.00 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Mogul, NV (2010 Census): 523
People per House in Mogul, NV: 2.5
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 3248000

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