Boundary Map of Necedah, Wisconsin

GeoFacts for Necedah, WI

Necedah, WI, is a village located in the southern part of Wisconsin.

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U.S. City: Necedah, WI
State: Necedah, WI is in the southern part of Wisconsin in the east north central United States
Closest County to Necedah, WI: Juneau County
ZIP Codes for Necedah, WI: 54646
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix for Necedah, WI: 546
Congressional Districts Representing Necedah, WI: WI 7th
Latitude/Longitude of Necedah, WI (Centroid): 44.0232261013361, -90.0717581689515
Bounding Box of Necedah, WI (NWSE): 44.03906, -90.087591, 43.995529, -90.055062
Dimensions of Necedah, WI: Necedah, WI is 1.6 miles wide and 3.0 miles tall
Necedah, WI Land Coverage: 2.8 sq. miles (90%)
Necedah, WI Water Coverage: 0.3 sq. miles (10%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Necedah, WI: 3.1 sq. miles
Population of Necedah, WI (2010 Census): 916
Density of Necedah, WI (2010 Census): 295.48 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Necedah, WI (2010 Census): 469
People per House in Necedah, WI: 2.0
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 5555700