Boundary Map of Tehama County, California

GeoFacts for Tehama County, CA

Tehama County, CA, is a county located in the northwestern part of California near the city of Red Bluff.

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U.S. County: Tehama County, CA
State: Tehama County, CA is in the northwestern part of California in the pacific United States
Closest City to the Center of Tehama County, CA: Red Bluff, California
Cities in Tehama County, CA: Red Bluff, Proberta, Las Flores, Gerber, Bend, Tehama, Los Molinos, Richfield, Corning, Rancho Tehama Reserve, Lake California, Vina, Flournoy, Paynes Creek, Paskenta, Manton, Mineral
Neighboring Counties to Tehama County, CA: Butte, Shasta, Mendocino, Glenn, Plumas, Trinity
ZIP Codes for Tehama County, CA: 96035, 96080, 96090, 96055, 96021, 96092, 96029, 96022, 96075, 95973, 96074, 95963, 96059, 96063, 96076, 96061
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes for Tehama County, CA: 959, 960
Elementary School Districts In or Near Tehama County, CA: Gerber Union ESD, Red Bluff Union ESD, Richfield ESD, Corning Union ESD, Flournoy Union ESD, Lassen View Union ESD, Kirkwood ESD, Evergreen Union ESD, Reeds Creek ESD, Capay Joint Union ESD, Elkins ESD, Antelope ESD
Congressional Districts Representing Tehama County, CA: CA 1st
Latitude/Longitude of Tehama County, CA (Centroid): 40.125736177149, -122.233884866469
Bounding Box of Tehama County, CA (NWSE): 40.453133, -123.066009, 39.797385, -121.342264
Dimensions of Tehama County, CA: Tehama County, CA is 90.6 miles wide and 45.3 miles tall
Tehama County, CA Land Coverage: 2,949.7 sq. miles (100%)
Tehama County, CA Water Coverage: 12.5 sq. miles (0%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Tehama County, CA: 2,962.2 sq. miles
Population of Tehama County, CA (2010 Census): 63,463
Density of Tehama County, CA (2010 Census): 31,731.50 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Tehama County, CA (2010 Census): 26,987
People per House in Tehama County, CA: 2.4
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 06103

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