Warsaw R-IX SD Boundary Map

GeoFacts for Warsaw R-IX SD

The Warsaw R-IX SD is located in the central part of Missouri near the city of Warsaw.

Unified School District: Warsaw R-IX SD
Grade Range: Warsaw R-IX SD teaches PK to 12th grades
State: Warsaw R-IX SD is in the central part of Missouri in the west north central United States
Closest City to the Center of Warsaw R-IX SD: Warsaw, Missouri (4.9 miles away)
Cities in Warsaw R-IX SD: Warsaw (4.9 mi)
Is In Warsaw R-IX SD These Counties: Benton County, Henry County
Neighboring Unified School Districts to Warsaw R-IX SD: Hickory County R-I School District, Morgan County R-I School District, Cole Camp R-I School District, Weaubleau R-III School District, Lakeland R-III School District, Osceola School District, Lincoln R-II School District, Climax Springs R-IV School District, Wheatland R-II School District
ZIP Codes for Warsaw R-IX SD: 65355, 65326, 65735, 65634, 64776, 64740, 64735
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes for Warsaw R-IX SD: 653, 647, 656, 657
Latitude/Longitude of Warsaw R-IX SD (Centroid): 38.189152356789, -93.3188294315507
Bounding Box of Warsaw R-IX SD (NWSE): 38.335948, -93.604629, 38.062701, -93.059073
Dimensions of Warsaw R-IX SD: Warsaw R-IX SD is 29.6 miles wide and 18.9 miles tall
Warsaw R-IX SD Land Coverage: 319.1 sq. miles (88%)
Warsaw R-IX SD Water Coverage: 43.2 sq. miles (12%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Warsaw R-IX SD: 362.3 sq. miles
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 2931070

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