Oneonta City SD Boundary Map

GeoFacts for Oneonta City SD

The Oneonta City SD is located in the central part of New York near the city of Oneonta.

Unified School District: Oneonta City SD
Grade Range: Oneonta City SD teaches PK to 12th grades
State: Oneonta City SD is in the central part of New York in the mid-atlantic United States
Closest City to the Center of Oneonta City SD: Oneonta, New York (1.3 miles away)
Cities in Oneonta City SD: Oneonta (1.3 mi), West End (2.4 mi)
Is In Oneonta City SD These Counties: Otsego County, Delaware County
Neighboring Unified School Districts to Oneonta City SD: Otego-Unadilla Central School District, Charlotte Valley Central School District, Schenevus Central School District, Franklin Central School District, Milford Central School District, Laurens Central School District
ZIP Codes for Oneonta City SD: 13820, 13861, 13834, 13825, 12116
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes for Oneonta City SD: 138, 121
Latitude/Longitude of Oneonta City SD (Centroid): 42.4704759149391, -75.0504363904344
Bounding Box of Oneonta City SD (NWSE): 42.540184, -75.137037, 42.406392, -74.946787
Dimensions of Oneonta City SD: Oneonta City SD is 9.7 miles wide and 9.2 miles tall
Oneonta City SD Land Coverage: 49.0 sq. miles (99%)
Oneonta City SD Water Coverage: 0.3 sq. miles (1%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Oneonta City SD: 49.3 sq. miles
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 3621780

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