Canyons SD Boundary Map

GeoFacts for Canyons SD

The Canyons SD is located in the northern part of Utah near the cdp of Granite.

Unified School District: Canyons SD
Grade Range: Canyons SD teaches KG to 12th grades
State: Canyons SD is in the northern part of Utah in the mountain United States
Closest City to the Center of Canyons SD: Granite, Utah (2.2 miles away)
Cities in Canyons SD: Granite (2.2 mi), Cottonwood Heights (3.7 mi), Sandy (5.0 mi), White City (5.7 mi), Alta (7.1 mi), Midvale (7.5 mi), Draper (8.0 mi), Murray (8.3 mi), Riverton (11.7 mi), South Jordan (11.7 mi)
Closest County to Canyons SD: Salt Lake County
Neighboring Unified School Districts to Canyons SD: Wasatch School District, Alpine School District, Granite School District, Jordan School District, Park City School District, Murray School District
ZIP Codes for Canyons SD: 84092, 84093, 84121, 84094, 84004, 84070, 84047, 84020, 84107, 84109, 84065, 84095, 84043
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes for Canyons SD: 841, 840
Latitude/Longitude of Canyons SD (Centroid): 40.5812114940765, -111.757578929391
Bounding Box of Canyons SD (NWSE): 40.673691, -111.921984, 40.452412, -111.553188
Dimensions of Canyons SD: Canyons SD is 19.3 miles wide and 15.3 miles tall
Canyons SD Land Coverage: 161.0 sq. miles (100%)
Canyons SD Water Coverage: 0.3 sq. miles (0%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Canyons SD: 161.3 sq. miles
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 4900142

Unified School Districts Neighboring Canyons SD

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