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GeoFacts for Nevada

Nevada is a U.S. state.

U.S. State: Nevada
State: Nevada is in the central part of Nevada in the mountain United States
Neighboring States to Nevada: California, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Idaho
Latitude/Longitude of Nevada (Centroid): 39.3561858730176, -116.65524866806
Bounding Box of Nevada (NWSE): 42.001842, -120.006473, 35.001857, -114.039461
Dimensions of Nevada: Nevada is 306.3 miles wide and 483.7 miles tall
Nevada Land Coverage: 109,780.2 sq. miles (99%)
Nevada Water Coverage: 790.5 sq. miles (1%)
Total Land and Water Area Covered by Nevada: 110,570.7 sq. miles
Population of Nevada (2010 Census): 2,700,551
Density of Nevada (2010 Census): 24,550.46 / sq. mi.
Housing Units in Nevada (2010 Census): 1,173,814
People per House in Nevada: 2.3
U.S. Census Bureau GeoID: 32

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