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Boundary Map and Geodata for the CDP of Four Corners in Florida, U.S.A.


Geodata for Four Corners

Description: Four Corners is a cdp located in the state of Florida, U.S.A.

Cdp:Four Corners, Florida
Latitude/Longitude (Centroid):28.3328034452089, -81.6477226108801
Lat/Lon Northwest:28.434787, -81.709126
Lat/Lon Southeast:28.23255, -81.587569
Area:50.1 sq. miles
Area - Land only:46.4 sq. miles (93%)
Area - Water only:3.7 sq. miles (7%)
Population (2010 U.S. Census):26,116
Housing Units (2010 U.S. Census):26,531
ZIP Codes (ZCTA5s) within Four Corners:33837, 33844, 33896, 33897, 34714, 34747, 34787
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefixes in Four Corners:338xx, 347xx
Counties:Lake County, Orange County, Osceola County, Polk County
School Districts in Four Corners:Lake County SD, Orange County SD, Osceola County SD, Polk County SD
Congressional Districts Representing Four Corners:Congressional District 9, Congressional District 10