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Boundary Map and Geodata for the ZIP Code (ZCTA) 98236 near Clinton, Washington, U.S.A.


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Geodata for U.S. ZIP Code 98236

Description: 98236 is a ZIP code located near the cdp of Clinton, near Island County, Washington, U.S.A.

ZIP Code Tabulation Area:98236
Latitude/Longitude (Centroid):47.9523605938494, -122.407024359641
Lat/Lon Northwest:48.001079, -122.48816
Lat/Lon Southeast:47.897949, -122.339393
Area:32.8 sq. miles
Area - Land only:22.9 sq. miles (70%)
Area - Water only:9.9 sq. miles (30%)
Population (2010 U.S. Census):5,635
Housing Units (2010 U.S. Census):3,430
Distance from Island County (centers):18.8 miles
Distance from Clinton (centers):3.0 miles
Neighboring ZIP Codes:98249, 98260
County:Island County
3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix:982xx
School District in or near 98236:South Whidbey SD
Congressional District:Congressional District 2